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About Mary

"Truth is within ourselves, it takes no rise
From outward things, whatever you may believe
There is an inner center in us all
Where truth abides in fullness
And around wall upon wall the flesh hems it in
That perfect clear perception which is truth.”

- Robert Browning

Back in 1999, I was a senior fund raising executive working at a major teaching hospital.  I remember sitting in a hotel conference room at a fund raising symposium, uncomfortably wearing a $500 navy blue suit. The room was full of people dressed in similar attire, the air was stagnant and the lighting was dim.

At that time, I knew that something big was shifting for me. Although I had played a leadership role in raising over $30 million dollars for the charitable institutions for which I'd worked, I felt empty, unfulfilled and inadequate. I felt like a fish out of water at that conference, gasping for air.

I was stuck in this pattern of driving myself to do and achieve more… never quite believing that I "measured up", in spite of my accomplishments. I knew I had not been living in alignment with who I really am and what I'm really here to be and do. And, added to that, I knew I’d been denying and suppressing my intuitive, empathic nature for years.

What I wanted, so desperately, all those years ago was to believe in and value myself and live from a consciousness of unity and connection to the Divine Source. I wanted to live an authentic life and, in particular, to be on purpose with my work – to have a livelihood that makes my heart sing and my spirit come alive.

I was always drawn to work that brings light and wellness into people's lives and the world, and working with money was a big part of that right from my early professional days. However, the way I was doing that in the world did not feel gratifying or fulfilling, despite the big salary I was earning. It felt stressful, depleting and, on some levels, soul-destroying. Not only was I physically burned out, I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well.

That discomfort led to years of seeking … seeking a more authentic way of being, living and working, seeking deeper self-love and self-acceptance and, ultimately, seeking deeper well-being. My own experiences with fabulous wellness professionals, therapists, healers, coaches and mentors provided a stronger understanding of and appreciation for wellness – what it involved and what it looked like. 

I was passionate about learning everything I could about holistic, mind-body-spirit healing. Interestingly, that led me to a more authentic expression of myself in the world, as I continued my own healing journey, followed my intuitive guidance and started to create a higher expression of my work.

Using my experience as a professional fund raising executive, owner of two businesses and the support of my own business coaches, I’ve developed a coaching business that makes my heart sing as a fuller expression of who I am, serving therapists, wellness professionals and change makers in a way that truly makes my spirit come alive. 

As a Business and Prosperity Coach, I've combined over 25 years of practical experience and skills in marketing, sales, communications and management with my coaching, intuitive and spiritual healing abilities. And I'm passionate about using my gifts to help you attract and enroll clients and create a prosperous and fulfilling business that serves others and the world.   

Two Interviews to Help You Get to Know Me Better

Interview #1:

Interview #2:

SUMMIT OCT 02 Medea Bavarella Chechik interviews Mary C. Davis on WeEvolve TV on Vimeo.



• Group Certified Coach (Karen Cappello Coaching, 2014)
• Commanding Wealth® Certified Circle Leader (Asara Lovejoy, 2009)
• Certified One Command® Practitioner (Asara Lovejoy, 2009)
• Certified Spiritual Healer (International Assembly of Spiritual Healers, 2008) 
• Certified ThetaHealing™ Practitioner (Vianna's Nature's Path, 2008)
• Certified Coach (Coach Training Alliance, 2007)
• Certified Prosperity Guide (Prosperity Partnership Program, 2006)
• Certified Life Energy Alignment Process Practitioner (Julie Henderling, 2004)
• National Certificate in Fund Raising Management 

  (Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, 1994)
• Certified Public Relations Practitioner’s Certificate

  (Canadian Public Relations Society, 1989) 

• Bachelor of Arts (Honors), English Language & Literature 
  (University of Western Ontario, 1984)


• Meditation
• Kundalini Yoga
• Hiking
• Travelling
• Reading
• Writing  


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