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Email:  Mary C. Davis

Phone:  519-780-2090

Location:  Guelph, Ontario, Canada     

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The Prosperous Healer Community is a global "tribe" of healers and lightworkers joining together with the collective intention of sharing their gifts in a big way for the Highest Good of All through their businesses and expanding into financial wealth and abundance in all its forms, while helping build an economy based on wellness, unity, co-operation, love, joy and service.

By joining The Prosperous Healer Community™ on Facebook, you'll have access to free resources, business/prosperity tips and a community forum where you can connect and participate in discussions with me and other wellness professionals.

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The Prosperous Healer™ Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign will help us shine our collective light powerfully into the world to heal the planet, her people and our financial systems, receive abundant financial good for our services and usher in the new age of peace and prosperity for all.  Together, let's spread the love and prosperity!



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