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The Prosperous Healerô is a bi-weekly, electronic publication  that will help you develop your healing business with ease and joy, while evolving personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. 

It offers a unique blend of tips, ideas, insights and resources focusing on the human laws of business building and client attraction such as marketing and selling, as well as the spiritual laws such as energy alignment, conscious creation and spiritual development. 

The Prosperous Healerô e-zine is valued at $97 per year, but itís yours FREE when you subscribe today.

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When you subscribe to The Prosperous Healerô e-zine, you'll receive my success guide, Attract Clients and Money With Ease and Joy, for FREE ($47 value).  Simply confirm your subscription and you'll receive a "Welcome" email with a link to the PDF of this guide. 


What Wellness Professionals are Saying...

"I have a deep appreciation for The Prosperous Healerô e-zine;  it's filled with valuable information that is both practical and inspirational.  Sound suggestions are generously offered to you and simply waiting for you to apply them to create a prosperous business.  Integrity and abundance vibrate through these messages.  This e-zine is worth taking into your energy, keeping and referencing time and again!"

Melinda Urban RIHR
Transformational Psychotherapist and Energy Healer

"The Prosperous Healerô e-zine captures the essence of manifesting.  It's central message about abundance is vital for people in the healing field to understand and apply to their practices.  This e-zine is great -- easy to read and enjoyably personal!  Mary writes with a natural flair that keeps you interested from beginning to end."

Margherita Vondrak
Crystal Healing Practitioner and Teacher

"As a yoga teacher who has difficulty equating what I do with financial gain, I find The Prosperous Healerô e-zine inspiring and full of very helpful tips.  It draws on many different approaches and is truly insightful.  It speaks to the heart and to the head."

Elvira White
Yoga Teacher


When you subscribe to my e-zine, respond to a reader survey or register for trial offers or teleclasses, you provide me with personal information.  I respect the privacy of this information and use it only to provide the services you request.  I will not provide this information to anyone without your express permission, unless required by law. 

I do not send unsolicited email (spam).  If you are a recipient of my e-zine, you can unsubscribe at any time by going to the e-zine area located on any page of this website, typing in the name and email address you used when you subscribed and clicking the unsubscribe button.

I use web server usage statistics (such as number of visitors, browsers used) to help administer my site.  This data is not linked to any personally identifiable information.  My site does not use cookies.  I include HTML and link detectors in each issue of my e-zine.  The detectors track recipientsí capability of receiving HTML messages and the number of HTML messages opened.  The detectors also track the links that recipients click on within the email.  The detectors do not collect any other information.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the Anam Turas website.  Changes will go into effect 30 days after they are posted.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact me.


SUBSCRIBE to my FREE e-zine  for wellness professionals, and receive "Attract Clients and Money With Ease and Joy" as a bonus!

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