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“My friends and mentors have made the story of my life, turned my limitations into beautiful privileges and allowed me to walk tall and serene.”
- Helen Keller

Business & Prosperity Coaching

Having been a solo entrepreneur myself for the past seventeen years, I know how easy it is to feel isolated and to crave connection and support as you develop your business. I also know the impact hiring a coach has had for me – how it has helped me to create a thriving business and grow personally and professionally.  Hiring a coach is one of the best investments you'll make!  It will give you the focus, structure, accountability and support you need to build a prosperous and fulfilling business.

The Value of Coaching

Partnering with me as your business and prosperity coach will help you simplify, prioritize and successfully grow more quickly. I'll help you:

  • clarify your vision and goals for your wellness business;

  • discern which business-building principles and strategies are appropriate for your practice and create plans focused on practical, measurable results;

  • move through both inner and outer challenges that can trigger frustration, anxiety, self-doubt and other uncomfortable emotions;
  • direct your energy positively so you can confidently take inspired, strategic actions and stay accountable to reach your goals;  and 
  • feel peaceful and trusting about your progress and success.

Coaching is a powerful, transformational partnership that will help you maximize your personal and professional potential and enhance your quality of life.

How I Coach

I believe that you're naturally creative and resourceful.  Deep down inside, you know what solutions and strategies are best for you. 

As we work together, I'll help you listen to your own inner guidance – to connect to that quiet place within, so you can more easily discern your own wisdom.  Then I'll encourage you and help you hold yourself accountable as you act on this wisdom.

As your coach, I'll listen deeply to your needs and create a customized approach with you.  I'll provide support to enhance your skills, knowledge, resources and creativity.  By asking powerful questions and actively listening to your responses, I'll be able to provide you with the information, tools and perspectives to accelerate your progress and deepen your learning.

Inner Mastery

Besides the business/prosperity coaching tools I use, I also offer transformative, inner mastery processes that help clients move through inner resistance and blocks and realize their goals with more ease.  

One of the tools I use is The One Command®, a technique that activates portions of your mind that give you mastery over your thinking and your life.  It transforms the limiting perceptions of your beta mind and retrains your brain to think and feel from the more expansive perspective of your Source Mind.  It's especially effective in converting doubt and fear into faith.

The One Command® is a simple process that takes you to the theta brain wave state, where you "command" what you want to create or change.  Commanding is a way of conducting the creative power residing within you.  The first part of The One Command® stops old fearful ways of thinking;  the second part puts your mind "on pause" as it connects to Source;  and the third part unwinds old limiting ideas and feelings and rewinds a new reality into your DNA, cells of your body and subconscious mind.

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**Coaching sessions take place live for local clients or by phone or Skype for distance clients.  Geographic location is not an obstacle.** 

Book a Jumpstart Your Business Success 
Introductory Coaching Session
at a Special Rate

For a limited time, I'm offering $100 off the price of this session, so you pay only $97.



This session will help you:
  • discover what's holding you back from growing your business and prospering more financially;

  • create a clear six-month plan with the steps for you to take to attract/enroll the number of clients you wish to have and/or expand your business beyond where it is now;

  • determine the one step you can take, immediately, to get into inspired action and move your business forward; and

  • align your energy with your inspired action plan and success. 
Caveat: This session is only for those individuals who are 100% ready to commit to their success and demonstrate their commitment.

In order to qualify, you will need to fully complete two assessments: the Are You Coachable Quiz and the Jumpstart Your Business Success Introductory Coaching Session Assessment.  

Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the session, I will refund your money in full.


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